Human Rights and Wrongs: Slavery, Terror, Genocide

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  • Length: 288 pages
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  • ISBN: 978-1-59451-327-5
  • Publish date: August 2007
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Human Rights and Wrongs explains the persistence of crimes against humanity since the Holocaust—including slavery, terror, and genocide. Using extended country descriptions and analyses, the book goes beyond case studies to explain such gross human rights violations in terms of an integrated theory of life integrity, giving readers vivid illustrations in addition to a theoretical framework. Distinguished author Helen Fein then asks how we can arrest human wrongs and discusses whether democracy is the answer. She shows the positive links among human rights, freedom, and development and draws out policy recommendations from her findings.

  • Joins theory with practical examples
  • Covers human rights violations including slavery, sex trafficking, terror states, and genocide
  • Includes case studies of Islamic states, India, Thailand, Israel, Algeria, Argentina, Iraq, Guatemala
  • Shows the United States as part of the problem as well as part of the solution

Author Info

Helen Fein is Director of the Institute for the Study of Genocide in New York and an Associate of the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs of the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. She is the author of two award-winning books: Accounting for Genocide (Free Press 1979), winner of the Sorokin Award of the ASA, and Genocide: A Sociological Perspective (Sage 1991, 1993), winner of the first PIOOM award in Amsterdam.


Human Rights and Wrongs is a magnificent book: lucid, insightful, nuanced, and encompassing. I know of no other work that deals with all of the major threats to human rights: slavery, terror, and genocide. Moreover, its discussion of the place of democracy in fostering and preserving human rights is original, chastening, yet encouraging. Fein’s book will be a classic in social science, standing in the company of Barrington Moore’s Social Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy and Robert Putnam’s Making Democracy Work.”
Roger W. Smith, College of William and Mary, and past president, International Association of Genocide scholars.

“Helen Fein has long been one of the world’s leading experts on genocide and state-sponsored massacres. In her superb new book she returns to that subject but also delves into other atrocities—terror, torture, and slavery—that have been perpetrated by states and by non-state actors alike. The subject is unremittingly grim, but her eloquent discussion and shrewd insights help readers to understand why these appalling forms of human cruelty have occurred so frequently and why bringing an end to them has been so difficult.”
Mark Kramer, Director of Cold War Studies, Harvard University


Chapter 1: Distinguishing among Human Rights and Wrongs

Chapter 2: Twentieth-Century Slavery within the State

Chapter 3: Slavery, Trafficking, and Globalization

Chapter 4: States of Terror in the Late Twentieth Century: Algeria and Argentina

Chapter 5: States of Terror Turn to Genocide: Guatemala and Iraq

Chapter 6: States of Genocide, Genocidal Massacres, and Ethnic Cleansing

Chapter 7: No Brave New World: Democracy and Human Rights

Chapter 8: Human Rights, Freedom, and Development

Chapter 9: Conclusion and Implications: What Can Be Done?

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