Education and the Making of a Democratic People

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Unfortunately, civic values such as equity and justice that constitute the moral grounding of American democracy are losing their place in public affairs. The promise of this democracy is inclusive: no one is to be left out. Yet many people are.

Education and the Making of a Democratic People regards the challenge of inclusiveness as a fundamental and non-negotiable educational agenda. America’s public schools are one of the main public forums in which people can learn to preserve and actively protect our democratic process. The value of our schools as a democratic forum extends beyond the classroom to parents and other members of local communities. By engaging in conversations and actions that support the democratic purpose of schools, local communities can ensure that the United States will become a healthy, robust democracy that represents all of its citizens.

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John I. Goodlad is President of the Institute for Educational Inquiry and Cofounder of the Center for Educational Renewal at the University of Washington.

Roger Soder is Research Professor of Education in the College of Education at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Bonnie McDaniel is Research Associate at the Institute for Educational Inquiry.


"Goodlad and Soder once again have given us a timely book. 'Democracy' as we have known it is currently under siege, having been replaced by ‘special Interest groups’ and manipulated on their behalf. The citizen's voice has thereby been marginalized. This book reminds us that we must reinvigorate that voice."
Theodore Sizer

“These authors work their way through the most important argument of our day. All the rhetoric is for naught until we tackle this central claim. This book does it—taking democracy on as both as a matter of principle and as a matter of care for the future, and bringing it down to earth where we must in the end settle it in the details of schooling.”
Deborah Meier

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