Winning the Presidency 2008

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  • Publish date: April 2009
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A Fresh, New Entry into Presidential Election Analysis

A distinguished cast of contributors enlightens students, scholars, and serious political readers about the intricacies of the most memorable presidential election in history. Characterized by diversity, liveliness, and data-informed analysis, this new book captures the drama of 2008, looking ahead as well as to its antecedents.

Contributors include:
Patricia Conley on the question of mandate.

M. Margaret Conway on participation patterns.

William J. Crotty on the Bush administration backdrop and electoral overview.

Stephen E. Frantzich on e-politics.

Arthur C. Paulson on the "invisible primary."

Howard L. Reiter on the nomination process.

Evelyn M. Simien on the intersection of race and gender.

Robert J. Spitzer on hot-button policy issues.

Stephen J. Wayne on the road to the White House and beyond.

John Kenneth White on transformational politics.

  • An all-star cast is among the first to parse the meaning of the 2008 elections.
  • Sets the stage with the historical moment in which the election takes place.
  • Includes groundbreaking research on party and campaign strategies and the nomination process, drastically reformed for 2008 (creating national primaries within each of the parties and contributing to the endless primary season as well as the invisible primaries).
  • Covers e-politics and online fund-raising.
  • Examines participation patterns, especially among younger and Latino voters, and the role of race, class, and gender.
  • Explores the policy debates, including hot-button issues past and present.

Author Info

William J. Crotty is the Thomas P. O’Neill Chair in Public Life and Director of the Center for the Study of Democracy at Northeastern University. He is the author of a number of books and studies on political parties and elections and has been a recipient of the Samuel J. Eldersveld Lifetime Achievement Award of the American Political Science Association’s Political Organization and Parties Section (as well as other distinctions).

The outstanding contributors to this volume include:

  • Randall E. Adkins

  • William J. Crotty

  • Andrew J. Dowdle

  • Richard L. Fox

  • Stephen E. Frantzich

  • Hans Noel

  • Shayla C. Nunnally

  • Arthur C. Paulson

  • Gerald M. Pomper

  • Charles L. Prysby

  • Karen Sebold

  • Robert J. Spitzer

  • Wayne P. Steger

  • Patrick A. Stewart

  • and John Kenneth White


“Some presidential elections are more interesting than others. Fortunately, this book of readings by distinguished political scientists examines the 2008 U.S. presidential election which is among the most significant of recent years. ... Chapters on the development of internet campaigning and the role of African American women in the Democratic primary contests are particularly interesting. Recommended.”

"Winning the Presidency 2008 captures a moment in time--a moment that could be one of the most critical of your life. Pick it up before starting that final essay. Hmm. I see you shaking your head. All right, you may not read it this semester but, Ms. PoliSci Major, keep it on your shelf. The details of the elections will soon fade, and you'll want to have this recap and analysis to reflect on."
—From student reviewer Carolyn W. Fanelli on



Chapter One: “The Bush Presidency the 2008 Election: Context and Imprint”
William J. Crotty

Chapter Two: “Electing Obama: The 2008 Presidential Campaign”
William J. Crotty

Chapter Three: “When Democracy Works: The 2008 Presidential Nominations”
Stephen J. Wayne

Chapter Four: “The Nominating Process: Change, More Change, and Continuity”
Howard L. Reiter

Chapter Five: “The ‘Invisible Primary’ Becomes Visible: The Importance of the 2008 Presidential Nominations, Start to the Finish”
Arthur C. Paulson

Chapter Six: “The Scope of Participation in the 2008 Presidential Race”
M. Margaret Conway

Chapter Seven: “Clinton and Obama: The Impact of Race and Sex on the 2008 Democratic Presidential Primaries”
Evelyn M. Simien

Chapter Eight: “E-Politics and the 2008 Presidential Campaign”
Stephen Frantzich

Chapter Nine: “Hot and Not-So-Hot Buttons in the 2008 Presidential Election”
Robert J. Spitzer

Chapter Ten: “A Mandate for Change?”
Patricia Conley

Chapter Eleven: “A Transforming Election: How Barack Obama Changed American Politics”
John Kenneth White

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