Understanding Contemporary Social Problems through Media

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  • Length: 296 pages
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  • Publish date: March 2014
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Goldberg uses a multi-media approach to critically examine the most significant and volatile issues of our times: the environmental crisis, upheavals in the developing world, health, terrorism, and technology. The book is unique in its in-depth coverage of these pressing social concerns and its use of extensive media resources through a companion website. An introductory section reviews basic sociological concepts and theories, including the sociological imagination and class, gender, and race stratification—all of which are revisited in each chapter. The book helps students appreciate the magnitude of the problems of the twenty-first century as they develop the intellectual tools to understand them—sociologically and personally.

Features of the text:

  • Provides a more in-depth treatment of social problems that are most likely to affect students’ lives
  • Uses basic sociological principles to explore timely issues
  • Supplemented by numerous tables, figures, photos, and glossary
  • Each chapter includes an opening feature and concludes with “Looking Forward” and “Web Watch” sections
  • Includes numerous boxes on “Movie Picks”, “Web Exercises”, “Reading Room”, “Fast Facts”, and “Watch Online”
  • Companion website, Media Links, allows students to easily link to the exercises listed above as well as find additional online material on topics throughout the book

Author Info

Roberta Goldberg, a professor of sociology at Trinity Washington University in Washington, DC, is the author of Organizing Women Office Workers.


"This is a breakthrough book in its use of media to explore some of the most pressing social problems of our time. It also provides a clear, engaging introduction to fundamental sociological concepts. Both students and instructors will be pleased with it.”
Dennis Gilbert, Hamilton College


Part I Understanding Social Problems as Social Crises: The Basics
1 A Sociological Look at Social Crises
2 What Makes Us Unequal?
Part II Twenty-First-Century Crises
3 Crisis in Our Environment: Fossil Fuels and Climate Change
4 Crisis in a Fragile World: Child Soldiers, Human Trafficking, and Genocide
5 The Crisis in Health and Health Care: Obesity, HIV/AIDS, and Health-Care Reform
6 Terrorism and Its Aftermath
7 Privacy and Identity in an Age of Crisis: The Role of Technology in Shaping the Twenty-First Century
Epilogue Crises in Perspective: Agency and Action

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