The Terror of Neoliberalism: Authoritarianism and the Eclipse of Democracy

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  • ISBN: 978-1-59451-010-6
  • Publish date: September 2004
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Neo-liberalism has become the most influential ideology of our times. It guides both Democratic and Republican policies and, increasingly, those of European and developing countries worldwide. In The Terror of Neoliberalism, influential cultural critic Henry Giroux assesses the impact of neoliberalism and points to better approaches to building real democracy.

Neoliberalism, too commonly regarded an economic theory, is a complex of values, ideologies, and practices that work more broadly as a 'cultural field'.; Giroux argues that its cultural dimensions erode the public participation that is the very foundation of democratic life. Under neoliberal policies, Giroux shows, populations are increasingly denied the symbolic, educational, and economic capital necessary for engaged citizenship. Giroux assesses the impact of neoliberalism on the language of democracy, race, education, and the media, offering alternatives necessary to restore our democratic institutions.

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Henry A. Giroux currently holds the Global TV Network Chair Professorship at McMaster University in the English and Cultural Studies Department. He has published numerous books and articles and his most recent books include America’s Educational Deficit and the War on Youth (2013) and Neoliberalism’s War on Higher Education (2014).

The Toronto Star has named Henry Giroux one of the twelve Canadians changing the way we think! Read the article here: Twelve Canadians Changing the Way We Think


“Against the Terror of Neoliberalism showcases why Henry A. Giroux is one of the most important and influential thinkers on the cultural left. … [He] critiques the present of politics, as always, eloquently and yet clearly and pointedly, with theoretical sophistication, acute insights into the structures in which power operates, a careful reading of its contemporary manifestations as well as its historical roots, and an in-depth grasp of current academic debates. … Against the Terror of Neoliberalism makes an incontrovertible demonstration of the ways that education is at the center of both how the forces of oppression gain ascendance and how the forces of dissent need to think [about] the future of opposition.”
Robin Truth Goodman, Florida State University, in Symploke

“At the core of Henry Giroux’s latest, and perhaps most incisive, encompassing and challenging book, Against the Terror of Neoliberalism, are urgent questions and concerns about youth, education, responsibility, the future, and democracy, all rigorously examined and captured brilliantly. … [The book] should be obligatory reading across the spectrum of US education, from high schools and schools of education, to cultural studies, political science, union halls, military barracks, and departments of communications. Giroux thinks and writes with an unrelenting urgency, rigor, and clarity that provides us with critical tools for thinking hard about the world.”
Scott D. Morris in Dissident Voice

“Henry Giroux has done it again! Against a fastball from Wall Street, the World Bank and the IMF, and the ideologues and practitioners of free market fundamentalism, he smashes a home run. Giroux surgically and decisively dissects the contradictions and the brutal inhumanity and injustice of the ‘free market.’ He also provides the outlines for a roadmap to get out of this living hell.”
Robert W. McChesney, author, The Problem of the Media

“One of the most powerful critiques of the current U.S. regime to date, as precise as it is well-documented, as courageous as it is wide-ranging.”
Nick Couldry, London School of Economics and Political Science

“Henry Giroux is society’s teacher and conscience. Refusing the easy divide between cultural criticism and economic analysis, he demonstrates the strategies and techniques by which market fundamentalism is profoundly changing the people’s everyday lives and threatening the values that define our common heritage.”
Lawrence Grossberg, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


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