The Wages of Empire: Neoliberal Policies, Repression, and Women's Poverty

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Caitilyn Allen, Carolina Bank Muñoz, Piya Chatterjee, Jill Esbenshade, Joy Ngozi Ezeilo, Tracy Fisher, Marina Karides, Sonali Kolhatkar, Cynthia Mellon, Sabine N. Merz, Joya Misra, Jennifer Olmsted, Ananya Roy, Jennifer Lynn Stoever, Bernardo Useche.


Corporate globalization has intensified in recent years, taking a terrible toll on the lives of ordinary women in the global North and South. The Wages of Empire: Neoliberal Policies, Armed Repression, and Women’s Poverty investigates the related processes of neoliberal economic restructuring and increased militarization, tracking policy and its enforcement to its impact on low-income women. This interdisciplinary volume provides rich analyses of the oppressive working and living conditions of urban and rural women, rightward shifts in public policies, and women’s resistance to these developments.

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Amalia L. Cabezas is Assistant Professor of Women’s Studies at the University of California, Riverside. Her research interests include sex tourism, women’s human rights, the politics of gender, health, and women’s labor.

Ellen Reese is Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of California, Riverside.

Marguerite Waller is Professor of Women’s Studies and Comparative Literature at the University of California, Riverside. She has published extensively on constructions of gender and sexuality in literature (Dante, Petrarch, Shakespeare) and visual culture (Italian cinema, virtual reality, U.S./Mexico border art). She is coeditor with Jennifer Rycenga of Frontline Feminisms: Women, War, and Resistance (Routledge 2001), with Frank Burke of Federico Fellini: Contemporary Perspectives, (University of Toronto 2002), with Sylvia Marcos of Dialogue and Difference: Feminisms Challenge Globalization, (Palgrave 2005), and with Amalia Cabezas and Ellen Reese of a special issue of the journal Social Identities entitled "Emergent Subjects of Neoliberal Global Capitalism" (Vol. 12, No. 5, September 2006).


PART I: The Policies and Ideologies of Neoliberal Globalization


Chapter 1: The Vicious Cycle of AIDS, Poverty, and Neoliberalism
Bernardo Useche and Amalia L. Cabezas

Chapter 2: In Her Name: The Gender Order of Global Poverty Management
Ananya Roy

Chapter 3: Under the Western Eyes of Fashion: Marie Claire's Construction of Global Feminism
Jennifer Lynn Stoever

PART II: Impacts of Neoliberal Policy and Ideology: Case Studies

Chapter 4: Tea's Fortunes and Famines: Global Capital, Women Workers, and Survival in Indian Plantation Country
Piya Chatterjee

Chapter 5: Macroeconomics and Microentrepreneurs: Comparing Two Island Nations' Responses to Neoliberalism and Its Impact on Women's Lives
Marina Karides

Chapter 6: Politicians, Think Tanks, and the Global Promotion of the "Wisconsin Model" of Welfare Reform
Ellen Reese

Chapter 7: Service Provisioning as Political Activity: Struggles for Citizenship in Britain's Declining Welfare State
Tracy Fisher

PART III: Laboring Under Corporate Globalization: Case Studies

Chapter 8: Neoliberalism, Globalization, and the International Division of Care
Joya Misra and Sabine N. Merz

Chapter 9: The Tortilla Behemoth: Sexualized Despotism and Women's Resistance in the Transnational Mexican Tortilla Factory
Carolina Bank Munoz

Chapter 10: Roses, Thorns, and Seven Dollars a Day: Women Workers in Colombia's Export Flower Industry
Cynthia Mellon

Chapter 11: The Process of Exporting Neoliberal Development: The Consequences of the Growth of Export Processing Zones in El Salvador
Jill Esbenshade

PART IV: War and Military Repression

Chapter 12: Bacteria, Bioterrorism, and the Geranium Ladies of Guatemala
Caitilyn Allen

Chapter 13: Globalization Denied: Gender and Poverty in Iraq and Palestine
Jennifer C. Olmsted

Chapter 14: Amazons Go to War Without Weapons: Women and the Conflict in Escravos, Niger Delta
Joy Ngozi Ezeilo

Chapter 15: Building Empire on the Backs of Women: U.S. Actions or the Role of the United States in Afghanistan
Sonali Kolhatkar

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