Sport in a Changing World

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  • Publish date: February 2008
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In a stressful, turbulent world, sport can be an escape from reality. In fact, sport mirrors the issues and problems of our world today, bearing the imprint of powerful forces of social change. This book offers a sociological perspective for seeing and understanding the place of sport in society and how it is affected by big business and by demographic, cultural, organizational, economic, political, and technological change. Nixon’s main focus is “big-time” commercialized and corporate sport, from Little Baseball, Inc. to youth club sports, high school and college athletics, and professional and Olympic sports. He writes vividly of the making and unmaking of heroes and celebrities. Throughout he shows how the combined influence of networks of major sports organizations, media corporations, and corporate sponsors is shaping sport around the world.

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  • Global coverage shows how sport is being shaped by influences that cross national borders including globalization, culture, and the global cultural economy
  • Use a "Golden Triangle" framework to analyze the network of sport actors
  • Inequalities of social class, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, and disability are addressed throughout
  • Covers a wide range of Olympic and professional sports as well as nonprofessional sports--from Little League baseball to youth club sports to high school and college athletics
  • Covers socialization, social deviance, social problems, and higher education
  • “Sport in the News” features, many with a global or international focus, look at prominent recent sports news items from sociological perspectives
  • “Focus on Research” features offer a closer look at interesting research and how it was done to provide a better understanding of how social scientists study sport
  • Chapters about theories and research methods in sport sociology
  • Instructor's Manual with test questions available to professors upon adoption
  • Sport in a Changing World provides a lens for viewing sport in interesting new ways that are not apparent without a sociological perspective
  • Clear, engaging writing.
  • Sport in a Changing World provides a lens for viewing sport in interesting new ways that are not apparent without a sociological perspective.

Author Info

Howard L. Nixon is Professor Emeritus of Sociology at Towson University near Baltimore. Having studied and taught sport for thirty-five years, he is the author of several books and book chapters and many articles in sport sociology.


"Nixon offers an informed, enlightening book on a variety of topics related to the sociology of sport. … Providing multiple sources for those interested in theoretical constructs surrounding the socialization aspects of sport, this clear, concise study is a must for anyone interested in looking at sport in the context of a changing global society. Highly recommended."

“One of the ‘founding parents’ of the sociology of sport, Nixon has provided us with a new text that highlights dimensions of how sport serves as a microcosm for society both in North America and abroad. Distinguishing this book from many of its competitors is its strong foundational principles in sociological theories, which are used throughout the volume to analyze the dramatically changing landscape of global sports. Nixon supplies for his readers a thorough explication of social scientific methodology, allowing students insight into the cornucopia of research that has burgeoned in the last three decades. The book is readable, accessible, and filled with examples that will capture students’ imaginations.”
Peter Adler, University of Denver

“Nixon's Sport in a Changing World is on target with its emphasis on the nature of contemporary sport being largely determined by the partnership of commercialized sport with mass media and the corporate world. Sport at all levels, even high school, is driven by the values associated with rational organization, profit, and marketing appeal. Nixon weaves this theme in an analytical, but clearly expressed, fashion with established theories and concepts of sociology.”
James Frey, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Chapter 1: Sport, the Body, and Forces of Change: An introduction to Sport Sociology

Chapter 2: Social Theories and Research Methods in Sport Sociology

Chapter 3: Stratification and Social Class in Sport

Chapter 4: Dimensions of Social Inequality in Sport

Chapter 5: Globalization, Global Sports Culture, and the Golden Triangle

Chapter 6: From the Global Cultural Economy to U.S. Sports Cultures and Subcultures

Chapter 7: Socialization in Youth Sports and High School Athletics

Chapter 8: Sport, Social Deviance, and Social Problems

Chapter 9: Sport and Higher Education

Chapter 10: The Professional Sports Industry and Sports Careers

Chapter 11: Sport, Politics, and the Future

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