Made Love, Got War: Close Encounters with America's Warfare State

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  • Length: 247 pages

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  • ISBN: 978-0-9778253-4-9
  • Publish date: October 2007
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Blending personal history and social commentary, Made Love, Got War documents five decades of rising American militarism and the media’s all-too-frequent failure to challenge it. The author’s unique weave of personal narrative and historical inquiry, Daniel Ellsberg notes in the foreword, “helps us understand where we are now and how we got here.”

Drawing on 40 years of intense activism, Solomon shows how the mainstream media have shaped our view of war, technology, and national purpose. In the process, he also shows why he is considered “one of the sharpest media-watchers in the business” (Barbara Ehrenreich) and “a formidable thinker and activist” (Los Angeles Times).


“Norman’s eyewitness descriptions of key events are a perfect backdrop to his critique of our country’s increasingly militaristic development of the science of death and of the media’s failure to question. We should all heed his call to activism, or our children’s future could be in doubt.”
– Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey

“Here is a book with a thousand memories for those of us who came of political age while living through urban riots, the Vietnam War, and the Nixon years. Norman Solomon, one of America’s most respected progressive voices, gets personal in this account of living through the age of Vietnam, Nixon, tie-dye T-shirts, girlfriends, and even the music that will forever waft through the minds of those of us who were there. Those of us who, like journalist Solomon, will never forget.”
– Phil Donahue

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