The Power of the Talking Stick: Indigenous Politics and the World Ecological Crisis


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  • Publish date: March 2014
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The Power of the Talking Stick makes the case that, reaching back to the beginning of the nation-state and all through the current period of corporate-led globalization, our governments and social institutions have been engaged in activities that will ultimately extinguish the world’s ecological life support systems. This book offers an alternative, listening to indigenous leaders and others whose voices often go unheard in the din of contemporary culture. Their warning is stark, but their insights are firmly grounded in traditional knowledge and provide a way to see past the politics and rescue the earth.


  • Provides a unique understanding of how nation-states operate within a capitalist economic structure to maintain their power from imperialism to globalization.
  • Shows how this power structure favors elite Western corporations and their allied countries over the welfare of poor countries and ecological integrity.
  • Presents an alternative vision from indigenous leaders: “Today, our Mother Earth is wounded and the future of humanity is in danger,” and posits that social values must change to reflect a living Earth.

Author Info

Sharon J. Ridgeway is Assistant Professor of the Department of Political Science at University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Peter J. Jacques is Associate Professor of the Department of Political Science at University of Central Florida.


“Rarely are works of social science as beautiful as this call to action on the ecological crisis caused by global capitalism…For the authors, humanity is now confronted with a decision whose outcome will, in the words of Chief Arvol Looking Horse, ‘usher in an age of harmony—or it will bring the end of life as we know it.’ Summing Up: Highly recommended." —CHOICE


Preface: Lessons in Listening
1 It Is Time for Our Hearts to Be Broken
2 Bretton Woods Takes Center Stage in the Carnival
3 Industria Encloses the Global Commons
4 Capitalism’s Endless Pursuit of Profit Destroys the World’s Food Supply
5 A Green Theory of the State
6 Earth Consciousness, Earth Action
7 A World Indigenous Movement: “We Are the Watchers, We Are Witnesses”

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