Letters from Lexington: Reflections on Propaganda

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  • Publish date: February 2004
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Foreword/Introduction author Edward S. Herman, Donaldo Macedo


The original edition of Letters from Lexington solidified Noam Chomsky's position as American's most distinguished critic of the media. In this new, updated edition, a new chapter, 'What Makes the Mainstream Media Mainstream', offers Chomsky's latest thinking on the role of the media in a rapidly changing world-especially in justifying U.S. government and corporate actions. Throughout the book, Chomsky's analyses of the politics of the Reagan and earlier Bush administrations offer a striking and surprisingly prescient perspective on the events, key players, and policies that shape America's national agenda under the current presidency of George W. Bush and the 'War on Terrorism'. Letters from Lexington has been called 'an indispensable antidote to TV 'news' and the verities found in major daily newspapers such as The New York Times.'

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Noam Chomsky, Professor of Linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is the author recently of Hopes and Prospects (2010) and Power and Terror (Paradigm 2011). His articles and books revolutionized the contemporary study of linguistics and his political writings are widely read and translated throughout the world. In 2003 a profile of Chomsky in the New Yorker described his influence as one of the most cited scholars in history.


"Reading these letters... one is struck by their high relevance to events today, with a great deal of attention to Iraq, the United Nations and its role, Arafat/Sharon and the "peace process," "defensive aggression," the U.S. "yearning for democracy," its "burden of responsibility," "anti-Americanism," and the problem of non-issues and non-voting in U.S. elections, among other matters.... [A] reader would have a difficult time locating case studies of the media's day-by-day product that would provide as much insight as can be found in this short volume."

Edward Herman, from the Foreward

"Letters from Lexington is not only timely but it is also more relevant today given the dangerous path being followed by the Bush administration with its unilateralist, unapologetic, and cowboyish "bring them on" foreign policy."
Donaldo Macedo, from the Introduction


Foreword by Edward S. Herman.
Introduction to the New Edition, by Donaldo Macedo.
Introduction, by Noam Chomsky.
What Makes the Mainstream Media Mainstream.
"The Middle East Lie."
Defensive Aggression.
The Sunday Times Makes for a Day of No Rest.
Notes on the Culture of Democracy.
Third World, First Threat.
"Yearning for Democracy."
Apostles of Nonviolence.
UN = US. Postscript: "Riding Moynihan's Hobby Horse."
Our "Sense of Moral Purpose."
"We the People."
Bringing Peace.
The Burdens of Responsibility.
The Death and Life of Stalinism.
Toxic Omissions.
"Fiendish Acts."
The PC Thought Police.
Rest in Peace.
Class Struggle as Usual.

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